Activities Calendar


Horse Riding Camps 2018


1. August Certified Camp

11th August (Saturday) to 16th August (Thursday)

5 night/6 days


2. August Certified Camp

17th August (Fri) to 22nd August (Wed)

5 night/6 days


3. Mini Camp (Ganpati)

13th August (Mon) to 16th August (Thu)

3 night/4 days


4. September Certified Camp

18th September (Tue) to 23rd August (Sun)

5 night/6 days


5. Diwali Certified Camp

28th October (Sun) to 2nd November (Fri)

5 night/6 days


6. Diwali Certified Camp

4th November (Sun) to 9th November (Fri)

5 night/6 days


7. Diwali Certified Camp

11th November (Sun) to 16th November (Fri)

5 night/6 days


8. Diwali Certified Camp

18th November (Sun) to 23rd November (Fri)

5 night/6 days


9. Christmas Certified Camp

17th December (Mon) to 22nd December (Sat)

5 night/6 days


10. S.H.I.T. Camp

24th December (Mon) to 30th December (Sun)

6 night/7 days


Horse Riding Camps 2019


11. January Mini Camp

2nd January (Wed) to 6th January (Sun)

4 night/5 days


12. Spring Certified Camp

17th March (Sun) to 22nd March (Fri)

5 night/6 days


13. Spring Certified Camp

24th March (Sun) to 29th March (Fri)

5 night/6 days


For camp bookings please call, Melissa (+91) 915 800 4104 / Renu (+91) 915 800 4105 or Email us on