The Annual Japalouppe Games



Every year in February, we host our annual games. The primary aim behind these games is to give a platform for passionate horse people to showcase and benchmark themselves against each other.


The last five years have brought together riders of all types and capabilities,and have served as a way to change this from being an elitist sport to one that is accessible to a wider section of society. Both the accomplished horseman and the enthusiastic newcomer are given a common platform to share experiences and create memories.


Over the past 5 years, the scale of our event has grown, while maintaining the same core values that we at Japalouppe hold dear. That riding is for everyone.


We are committed to making equestrian events popular and bringing them to a larger audience. Unlike most other equitation events, we are unique in having the widest variety of events, from show jumping to gymkhana games, across several age groups.





The show is designed with Events for riders of all calibers. The open category competitions create a space for all riders from amateur horsemen to seasoned veterans to bench mark themselves against others.


The beginner category which was conceived by us has a very unique format. Only riders who have never previously won in competition are allowed to compete in this category. This way, every year, new riders get the thrill of having competed and won and a new crop of riders get to feel the thrill of the winners’ podium.


Putting together a three day event like this is no small task and we are continually looking for support. If you would like to assist or associate with us for this event, kindly do get in touch.