For all those who are interested in taking “the road less travelled”, Japalouppe offers summer internship opportunities to those interested in either equine management or event management. We are always happy to reach out to someone trying to figure out their career path, and give a chance to experience the horse-world.


During our camps, our interns fall under two categories – junior riding instructors and activity managers.


Junior riding instructors must necessarily be riders themselves. For those interested in a junior instructor position, a prior appointment to assess the riding level is necessary for non-Japalouppe riders.


Skills for a junior instructor:


1. Show a wide experience of caring for and handling different types of horses and ponies.

2. Be able to ride and lead for exercise.

3. Support practical work shown with logical theory relevant to the individual horses.

4. Carry out practical work swiftly and safely showing familiarity with the tasks.

5. Be able to lunge fresh, fit, and possibly naughty horses as a form of exercise.

6. Understand how the systems of the horse affect daily care in fit and resting horses.

7. Recognise the symptoms of ailments and the problems that may arise from these, and be able to undertake suitable action.

8. The assessor will expect the candidate to show normal daily competence in their answers, but also the ability to observe any unusual behaviour or problem and to suggest a sensible solution.


• We look for energy, leadership qualities, practicality, patience with young children and empathy with homesickness in our activity managers.

• Anyone who has completed their 12th standard exams or equivalent level is eligible to apply for a Japalouppe summer internship.

• Irrespective of the position our interns hold within the Japalouppe community, we hope that they will see this as an opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally.