Equine Services


Stabling and Livery


Horse-owners can stable their horses at the Japalouppe Equestrian Centre. Our livery services include providing a base feed. We are willing to provide dry grass, bedding, farriery and veterinary services upon request.


Please call 9158004108 for more information and for terms and conditions for stabling and livery.






Breaking in and training


Our equestrian services include the breaking-in and training of horses.


We have plenty of experience in re-training former race-horses for riding and competition purposes. In addition, we also break in young horses. The Japalouppe premises has a specially designed lungeing ring to train young horses.







In keeping with our overall philosophy of enabling even the lay-person to experience the magic of working with horses, Japalouppe has expanded its services to include equestrian consultancy.


Horse-ownership can be a stressful experience without the right guidance, especially for those new to the equestrian world. Our consultancy services aim to make owning a horse a real pleasure for the rider, without the worry.


Our clients, like our riders, range from amateurs to experts. We help first time horse-owners through the entire process of acquiring ownership and maintaining the right standard of care for the horse. From helping an owner choose the right horse, to providing assistance in stable-care and management, we aim to make owning a horse a pleasure, with the aid of our expertise.

Our consultancy clients also include other riding schools looking to optimise their businesses, as well as experienced riders and owners who believe in our holistic approach to horsemanship.




Japalouppe Equestrian Centre is the only riding school in India which has Gypsy Vanner horses among its team. With perfect temperament to suit a beginner and enough athletic capabilities for an intermediate rider, these rare horses are literally bred for the job of teaching riding.


Our ideology is that the rider should never at any stage have too much horse to deal with. In India the practice of putting little children on full size 450 kilo throughbreds for want of better options, is a practice frowned upon in the West. The custom in countries with developed facilities and a history of horses is to have ponies and mid-size horses for children’s riding.


This is where Japalouppe Equestrian Centre hopes to change the approach to teaching, by having horses of the right size. We currently have 20 Gypsies amongst our team and with an active breeding program, nine more in the pipeline. Japalouppe prides itself on being the exclusive breeder of these horses in India.


Gypsy Vanners


Gypsy Vanners have been approved by US Dressage Federation as a sporting breed and are fast gaining popularity world over. Though still small in number, in the few years since their recognition by the US federation, this breed had caught the attention and hearts of many.


Recognisable by their broad bone structure and flowing manes,with feathery hair on their legs,  a Gypsy Vanner looks like poetry in motion, this is a horse that you can imagine coming out of the mists that cover Ireland, almost with a storybook like charm.


Their unflappable even temperament have earned them the name of ‘golden retrievers with hooves’. Known for their warm, gregarious nature, these horses can instill a sense of calm in the most nervous of riders and help in cultivating that one elusive factor that makes a great rider, trust in one’s steed.